Message from Pastor Chris Turner 

January 2022​

     A Message From Your Pastor January 2022

       One of my favorite things about a new year is prayerfully preparing for our church goals. I believe these goals will help to give us vision, direction, and hold us accountable to what God is calling us towards as a family of faith. We have such a rich history of God’s faithfulness here at NCBC, but I still believe that the best is yet to come. I hope you will take time to carefully consider each of these goals, pray about them, and take steps to help make them a reality in 2022.

       1. Building & Facilities Goal (First Floor Renovation Project) Matthew 19:14 – Now that our Family Life Center is complete, we turn our attention to the old Fellowship Hall, old kitchen, bathrooms, hallway, and church nursery. These spaces will soon be 40 years old and are in need of renovations and upgrades. We are blessed to have children and young families in our church. They are a gift from God. We must do all we can to ensure they have a safe, clean, and functional environment to grow in. We are also desperately in need of additional classroom space on the first floor for those who cannot safely climb stairs. Our building and maintenance committee has worked on a plan in 2021 and is in process of getting cost estimates. We will need to be strategic in how we navigate the cost and the timeline of this project considering our other current financial commitments. Stay tuned for upcoming updates to the congregation.

       2. Ministry Goal (Neighborhood Outreach) John 20:21 – One of the most exciting things happening at NCBC has been the success of our neighborhood outreach and prayer walks on the last Sunday of the month. We have met new neighbors, shared our faith, and prayed with lots of people. Through this effort we have seen people come to our church, get saved, and be baptized! In 2022, we want to ramp up these efforts and include more of our church family in this vital ministry effort.

       3. Spiritual Discipline Goal (Learn About Each Book of the Bible) Psalm 119:11– Last year, our spiritual discipline goal involved praying with passion. As we go into 2022, we will continue to emphasize prayer through our 5th Sunday Prayer Breakfasts. Starting about mid-year (July) Pastor Chris will begin a sermon series where he will preach one sermon from every book of the Bible. The goal will be for us to deepen our knowledge of the books of Bible. We live in a time of great biblical illiteracy. Even people who regularly come to church, neglect personal reading and study of God’s word. Let’s change that in 2022 and give proper priority to the one holy book that is promised to endure forever. I challenge you to bring your personal Bible with you to worship each Sunday that you attend in 2022!

       4. Visitor Welcome Process (First Impressions) Hebrews 13:2 – During my Sabbatical one of the things that struck me the most in visiting other churches was the stark difference in their welcome process. Some churches did excellent, but many failed in this area. If I felt this way as a Pastor, I can’t image how an un-churched family might feel in an unwelcoming environment. I felt led to focus on this so that we can excel at making good first impressions. As our community continues to grow and as we continue our neighborhood outreach efforts, it is vital that we have an excellent visitor experience when new people come to our church. It doesn’t do much good to personally invite them to church, if they don’t feel welcome and valued when they arrive on our campus. I am grateful for the new line item in the church budget to help us succeed in this area. This goal will begin with significant improvements to our church website, signage, the creation of welcome team, and further education for our congregation on small things that can make a big impact on visitors seeking a church family. These goals are ambitious and will challenge us as we depend on God to make them a reality. I’m excited for this New Year God has afforded us to worship, walk with, and witness for Jesus!

                                                                                                                                                    Happy New Year,

                                                                                                                                                     Pastor Chris