Deacon Family Ministry

Our Deacons are committed to being servants to our community as the Bible has defined their duty.  Each Church member is assigned a Deacon who is responsible for praying for, ministering to, and staying in touch with them.  Our goal is for the Deacon's to be with our families in all that they go through.  If you are a new member or if you are a visitor, please talk to the pastor, one of our deacons or the church office so that you can be added to this ministry.

Music Ministry

At Neill's Creek, we value music as an integral part of worship.  We have numerous talented musicians and vocalists.  Our worship music is traditional with choir, organ, and pianist.  The Church recently called Mikaela Priddy to be our minister of music.  If God is calling you to use your musical gifts in his name there is a place here for you.  Whether it is in the choir, as a soloist, instrumentalist, or praise team, there is an opportunity for your musical offering to God.  Contact the Church Office to inquire about opportunities or speak to Mikaela in person.

Children's Ministries

Beautiful smiling faces.  The Children's Ministries at Neill's Creek Baptist Church are centered around leading our Children to a meaningful and loving walk with Christ - all while having a little bit of fun.  Whether it be VBS, Children In Action, Joyful Noise (Children's Choir, or Children's handbells, our children are an active part of our worship.  If you have questions please contact our children's minister Nikki Brown.  Bring your kids and for a great time and a chance to learn about how they fit in to the ministry of Jesus!

Youth Ministry

As our world becomes a more challenging place for our tweens and teenagers, it is even tougher without God.  The goal of our Youth Ministry is to help grow the presence of God in our youths' lives and give them opportunities to serve.  Ski trips, mission trips, and service opportunities all have the common thread of bible study, service to those who need it, and good fellowship in Christ.  While we search for a permanent Youth Minister, Alex and Leigh Adams are working with our High Schoolers and Todd and Kristen Sharp are leading the Middle Schoolers.  We will continue invest a great deal of time effort and prayer into providing our youth with the tools they need to become young adults walking with Christ.  For updates on our Youth activities, click here: